The Mad Apprentice - Art

Internal art for the US Edition art by cover artist Alexander Jansson.

ma 01 spike_catRev
Alice, Ashes, and Rex.
ma 02 central park dec
Central Park.
ma 03 cave portal
Dex and the cave of portals.
ma 04 fortress dec
Into the fortress.
ma 05 ants
Battle on the bridge.
ma 06 fish
Alice is separated from the others.
ma 07 arm spider
The tower of hands.
ma 08 park in a tube
The cylindrical park.
ma 09 conveying dex
Dex and the Swarm.
ma 10 soranna place
A brief respite.
ma 11 statue
Hall of the statue.
ma 12 wolves
Torment's children.
ma 13 storehouse
Alice and Torment.
ma 14 dragon tail-rev2
Alice and Isaac.
ma 15 dragon chasing geryon
Alice's dream.
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