• So, it's the new year, and I think it's finally been long enough that I can talk about Rogue One. I like to wait a while, first to give spoilers a chance to clear, but also because my thoughts tend to evolve over time, particularly for movies where I have an emotional attachment to the franchise. The short version goes like this: while Rogue One was by no means a bad movie (one of the strengths of the Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm monster is that its movies, while not always good, are usually competent rather than confusing disasters in the vein of Attack of the Clones or Suicide Squad) it's also not a great one, and definitely not the movie I hoped it would be. Read More.

    03 Jan, 2017
  • A few weeks back on Twitter, I had a small rant about origin stories in superhero movies, specifically how I generally dislike them. The specific target of the rant was the origin stories in movies that have been remade frequently, so that the beats of the origin story become like the Stations of the Cross -- nerdy Peter Parker, radioactive spider, Uncle Ben shot, great power = great responsibility, etc. (Someday I want a version where the Waynes make it out alive. I'm sure there's a comic.) However, today I saw Doctor Strange and thought a little bit more about the origin story thing. Since I have nothing better to so (lies, I am horribly procrastinating) I thought I'd write something down.

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    06 Nov, 2016
  • I still need to update the site (lazy author! no cupcake!) but The Guns of Empire is now available in the US and the UK as an ebook, and in the US as a hardcover. Info on the UK hardcover is still forthcoming. Buy it from your favorite store!

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    10 Aug, 2016


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