Greatest Hits

A collection of my blog posts and essays in various categories, from here and around the web, generally focusing on the more in-depth and/or funny bits.

Writing & Worldbuilding
Essays and posts on the craft of writing and SFF.

The Fantasy Language Problem, Part One, and Part Two (Fantasy Faction)

How I Became a Gamer (And a Writer) (Powell’s Books)

So You Want To Have A War (A Dribble of Ink)

Mostly nit-picking SFF movies in the finest nerd traditions. Spoilers for the movie in question.

Things That Are Wrong With Elysium

The Problem With Godzilla (2014) (SF Signal)

Abridged Script to BLACKHATS (humor)

Doctor Strange and Origin Stories

Why Rogue One Isn’t My Favorite Star Wars

On The Last Jedi

Everyone Who Dropped The Ball in Infinity War

Picture galleries and some process shots from my miniature painting.

The Defense of Fort Hellcow

Return of the Old Gods

Facing the Dragon

A set of columns I wrote for SF Signal on anime.

Index and Railgun

Black Lagoon and Black Heaven

Lyrical Nanoha and Gunslinger Girl

Hare+Guu and Nichijou

Read or Die

Lain, Boogiepop, Paranoia Agent

Code Geass and Endings

Kino’s Journey

Sword Art Online

Ghost in the Shell SAC and Dennou Coil


Suzumiya Haruhi



Strike Witches and KanColle