Guest Posts & Interviews

Guest post at Civilian Reader: On Terry Pratchett (2/15/13)

Guest post at Fantasy-Faction: The Fantasy Language Problem, Part One, and Part Two (3/21/13 & 3/28/13)

Guest post for Powell’s Books Geek Week: How I Became a Gamer (And a Writer) (3/25/13)

Interview at Civilian Reader (4/3/13)

Guest post at A Dribble of Ink: So You Want To Have A War (4/22/13)

Mind Meld at SF Signal (many authors, including me): Which Authors Write The Best Action Scenes? (5/15/13)

Guest post at World Weaver Press: Female Warriors in Fantasy (5/28/13)

Short story at io9: “The Penitent Damned” is a short adventure story that takes place prior to The Thousand Names. (6/18/13)

Interview at SF Signal (6/19/13)

Interview at Fantasy Faction (7/1/13)

Q&A at Penguin (7/2/13)

The Big Idea at John Scalzi’s Whatever (7/2/13)

The Thousand Names Blog Tour
Launching The Shadow Campaigns

  • Recruitment: Introducing the cast of The Thousand Names, featuring excerpts! (at I Smell Sheep, 7/3/13)
  • Training: Using History to Build a Fantasy Society (at SF Signal, 7/4/13)
  • Deployment: We’ve Come a Long Way (at The Qwillery, 7/5/13)
  • Reconnaissance: Point of View as a Precious Resource (at Anne Lyle, 7/8/13)
  • March!: Maintaining Forward Momentum, Or, Things Should Happen In Books (at The Book Smugglers, 7/9/13)
  • The Day of Battle: Writing Battle Scenes (at Suvudu, 7/10/13)
  • The Pursuit: Planning a Series (at Fantasy Book Critic, 7/11/13)
  • The Butcher’s Bill: Kill Your Darlings, featuring an exclusive excerpt! (at, 7/12/13)

Interview at Wilder’s Book Review (7/12/13)

Interview at A Daily Dose of R&R (7/15/13)

Interview at My Bookish Ways (7/16/13)

The story behind The Thousand Names at Upcoming4me (7/17/13)

The names of The Thousand Names at Names: A New Perspective (7/22/13)

Reddit AMA at r/fantasy (7/23/13)

Mind Meld at SF Signal: What Authors Are On Your Auto-Read List? (7/31/13)

Podcast Interview at Reading & Writing Podcast (8/16/13)

Interview with Cat Rambo at the SFWA blog (9/12/13)

Interview at Fantasy Book Critic (9/27/13)

Interview at SFFWorld (10/19/13)

Twitter Chat on SFFWRTCHT (10/21/13)

Lost in Animeland column at SF Signal (11/6/13)

Podcast Interview at SFSignal, from WorldCon (11/14/13)

Interview at The Book Tart (12/11/13)

Interview at Prose Before Ho Hos (2/3/14)

Guest Post at Bibliotropic: Origins of John Golden (2/10/14)

Guest Post at Literary Escapism: The Magic of John Golden (2/20/14)