About Django

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Django Wexler is the author of many fantasy novels, including How to Become the Dark Lord and Die TryingAshes of the Sun, and The Thousand Names, as well as series for middle grade and young adults. In his former life as a software engineer, he worked on AI research and programming languages. He currently lives near Seattle with his wife, daughter, many cats, and a teetering mountain of books. When not writing, he paints tiny soldiers and plays games of all sorts. 







Memories of Empire (Medallion Press, 2005)
Shinigami (Medallion Press, 2006)

The Shadow Campaigns
The Thousand Names (Roc, 2013)
The Shadow Throne (Roc, 2014)
The Price of Valor (Roc, 2015)
The Guns of Empire (Roc, 2016)
The Infernal Battalion (Roc, 2017)

The Forbidden Library
The Forbidden Library (Kathy Dawson Books, 2014)
The Mad Apprentice (Kathy Dawson Books, 2015)
The Palace of Glass (Kathy Dawson Books, 2016)
The Fall of the Readers (Kathy Dawson Books, 2017)

The Wells of Sorcery
Ship of Smoke and Steel (Tor Teen, 2019)
City of Stone and Silence (Tor Teen, 2020)
Siege of Rage and Ruin (Tor Teen, 2021)

Burningblade & Silvereye
Ashes of the Sun (Orbit, 2020)
Blood of the Chosen (Orbit, 2021)
Emperor of Ruin (Orbit, 2023)

Magic: The Gathering Fiction
The Gathering Storm (WotC, 2019) (Ravnica)
Sundered Bond (WotC, 2020) (Ikoria)

Netherwings (Audible, 2021)

Dark Lord Davi
How to Become the Dark Lord and Die Trying (Orbit, 2024)

Dungeons & Dragons Fiction
Spelljammer: Memory’s Wake (Random House, 2024)


The Shadow of Elysium (Roc, 2015) (The Shadow Campaigns)
John Golden, Freelance Debugger (Ragnarok, 2014) (Amazon, 2017)
John Golden and the Heroes of Mazaroth (Ragnarok, 2014) (Amazon, 2017)
Hard Reboot (Tor.com, 2021)
Hoard (Newsletter, 2024 — get a free copy)

Short Stories

“The Penitent Damned” (Amazon, 2013) (The Shadow Campaigns)
“The End of the War” (Asimov’s, June 2015)
“The Guns of the Wastes” (Operation Arcana, Baen, 2015)
“REAL” (Press Start to Play, Vintage, 2015)
“Magic Beans” (Coffee: Hot, Circlet, 2015) (Unfettered II, Grim Oak, 2016)
“The First Kill” (Blackguards, Ragnarok, 2015) (The Shadow Campaigns)
“Last of the Red Riders” (Hath No Fury, Outland, 2018) (Unbound II, Grim Oak, 2022)
“Amara Kel’s Rules For TIE Pilot Survival (Probably)” (FACPOV: The Empire Strikes Back, Del Rey, 2020)
“Rox’d” (Quick Draw!, Platinum Spork, 2020)
“Plan Z” (Silk & Steel, Cantina, 2020)