The Forbidden Library – US Edition Art

Internal art for the US Edition art by cover artist Alexander Jansson.

FL int01 vespidian
Alice’s father and the fairy.
FL int03 inside the house_REV
Geryon’s house.
FL int05 library
The Library.
FL int07 Alices back plus Ashes3
“The Swarm”, as a book.
FL int09 the swarm

The Swarm, for real.
FL int11 the tracker

The tracker.
FL int13 geyrons room
Time for training.

FL int15 swarm listening
FL int17 the map
The map.
FL int19 needle haired creatures
The needle-elves.

FL int21 the tree sprite2

The tree-sprite.
FL int23 the gideon newREV

The Gideon.
FL int25 the dragon2
The Dragon.
FL int27 ending_ADJ
FL int29 alice_REV
Alice, dreaming.