John Golden

 John Golden, Freelance Debugger

JOHN GOLDEN IS A DEBUGGER: he goes inside the computer systems of his corporate clients to exterminate the gremlins, sprites, and other fairies that take up residence. But when he gets a frantic call from Serpentine Systems, a top-of-the-line anti-fairy security company, John finds out he's on much more than a simple smurf-punting expedition.

With the help of his sarcastic little sister Sarah (currently incarnated in the form of a Dell Inspiron) and a paranoid system administrator, John tackles Serpentine's fairy problem. But the rabbit hole goes deeper than he thinks, and with the security of all of the company's clients in danger, there's more at stake this time than John's paycheck!

This is an urban fantasy novella, around 60 pages.  It's available from Amazon as an e-book or print on demand.






John Golden and the Heroes of Mazaroth

Tens of millions of players have stepped into the shoes of fighters and wizards, dwarves and koalamancers to battle the forces of evil.

Nobody ever asked the forces of evil how they felt about it.

John Golden has been asked to extract a fairy from the computers of a finance company, where it's sitting on some vital data. Inside, he finds a depressed Dark Lord and a portal to a realm of fantasy. But when he steps through, he finds himself cast as the villain of the piece, with an army of adventurers ready to thwart his evil schemes. John hasn't GOT any evil schemes, but he realizes he'd better come up with some fast. Unless he can change the story, he'll be stuck as a final boss for good!


This is an urban fantasy novella, around 60 pages.  It's available from Amazon as an e-book or print on demand.




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"John Golden is geeky good fun, with touches of Stross and Strugatsaki."

-Cat Rambo, author of Near + Far

"I would recommend this to everyone. It's the perfect urban fantasy for computer geeks, with its IT jokes and references, but it's also fun for those who are not." - Mogsy at BiblioSanctum

"While the basic concept is well-worn (i.e. dude goes into cyberspace to battle the metaphorical representation of software glitches), Wexler spins it in a new direction that is fresh and funny, and introduces characters that are well-rounded, quirky, and worth giving a damn about. Readers with a background in IT or software development will find themselves nodding somberly at more than a few inside jokes that might fly over the heads of mere mortals, but trust me, there’s more than enough shlock in this humorous adventure for everyone." - Ryan at Prose Before Ho Hos

"A great mix of technology and magic, John Golden, Freelance Debugger is a hilarious, fun and action-packed novella." - Shadowhawk at The Founding Fields

"There's a lot here, and while it is a lot of fun, it really shows off just what Wexler is capable of as an author. He’s confident, dynamic, and really sticks out. He takes saturated genres and he makes them his own. He did it with The Thousand Names, and now he’s done it again with John Golden. ... There are some novels you read and you just know the author had a ton of fun writing them, and so they are fun to read because of that. John Golden is one of those. I think Wexler must have had a blast writing it, and I ended up having a blast reading it." - BookwormBlues

"John Golden: Freelance Debugger is a short urban fantasy novella by Django Wexler, published by Ragnarok Publishing, and the first book in what I hope is a lengthy new series. It is a very different beast compared to his epic fantasy, The Thousand Names, but it is no less accomplished, and I can't wait to read more." - Ryan at Fantasy Book Review

"With its sarcastic wit, pop culture jokes, and unique take on fairies I would recommend JOHN GOLDEN: FREELANCE DEBUGGER to everyone who likes a good quick adventure story. After reading this novella I await more John Golden adventures and I will for now blame any computer virus on those pesky pixies setting up burrows in the server." - Kristina at All Things Urban Fantasy

"John Golden: Freelance Debugger has been getting glowing reviews from all over, and I’m adding my voice to the mix that says it’s worth every one. It’s a taste of a larger world, one that I want to see more of, and it’s definitely bumped Wexler’s books further up my reading pile (not that they weren’t fairly high up there already). It’s everything you want in an urban fantasy novella: creativity, wit, action, and a refreshing gender balance that I don’t see as often as I’d like. Do yourself a favour and take an hour to give this a read. You’ll find yourself as hooked as the rest of us!" - Ria at Bibliotropic

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