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Sulley vs. Scar by Helen E., @apeliotes7

“Mike,” Sulley sighed. “That’s not a door. That’s a rock.”

Mike glared at him and gestured at the red light glowing above it. Sulley gave him a sceptical look.

“I know, I know!” Mike said. “But I’m telling you, this will work.” He produced a file and scanned the papers in it. “The children it takes to are not human, but we’ve been collecting their laughter just as well. There were a few of them all living together.”


Mike made a pensive sound. “We put the door out of use about a year ago. We’re not too sure what happened, but there aren’t any kids there anymore, just one ‘man’. From the information we have, he is the one you want to talk to. Though I’m still not sure I understand why,“ he added in an undertone.

“I told you why already. This is important to Boo.”

Mike raised his hands in surrender. “Okay, okay! Are you going or not?”

Sulley gave the rock another suspicious glance and pushed it tentatively. It swung smoothly on a non-existent hinge and opened onto a darkened space. He looked back to give Boo, standing at the far end of the Laugh Floor, an encouraging smile. She was holding a soft toy in the shape of a yellow… something she called a “lion” and was obviously trying to look braver than she felt. Sulley took a deep breath and stepped through the door.

What he found on the other side was no place for a child of any species. It seemed to be some kind of cave, dark and bare. Sulley’s steps echoed in the vast chamber, which was empty except for a single figure a little further on.

Sulley cleared his throat. “Hello?”

The figure gave a start and turned to face him, crouching low to the ground.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you like that. My name is Sulley. I’m looking for someone called, uh, Scar?”

After a moment or two of stunned silence the creature’s body posture changed with impressive speed. They sat back on their hind legs and regarded Sulley with arrogant, clever eyes. “And what is it you want with me?” Scar said.

“Ah, right…” Sulley drew himself up. “You scare Boo.”

Scar raised an eyebrow.

“Boo is a little girl. She-” Sulley broke off and looked around at the completely bare and natural space he was in. This was going to be difficult to explain. “Okay, the details aren’t important. She knows about you from a story and she’s afraid of you.”

“I see.” The arrogant expression melted away to be replaced by a fatherly smile. “Truly, it was never my intention to frighten any child. I do quite dote on them,” he added with a chuckle. It sounded odd in his rich voice.

Partially reassured, Sulley pressed on. “Then you won’t mind coming back with me for a moment to talk to her? Let her see you’re not dangerous?”

Scar hesitated. One of his eyes may have twitched a little. “Oh!” he said. “Oh, I would love to come with you to reassure the little child but… I rather fear my duties keep me very busy here. My duties as king, you see.”

“King? Ah, I see. But this won’t take long. If you’ll just come with me through the, uh, back of the cave and then I’ll take you right back.” Sulley’s voice dwindled to a mutter. How was he going to tell Scar that there was an interdimensional portal in his home?

“May I propose a contest?” said Scar after a moment. “If you win I will come and talk to… Boo. And if I win… well, there is a small issue that I think a man such as you would be in just the position to help me with.”

Sulley frowned in thought. Reluctance was one thing, but this was surprising. And suspicious. Now he thought about it, he did not know much about Scar or about what Boo found so scary about him. What could Scar want help with?

“A man such as me?”

Scar’s eyes scanned over Sulley in a flash. “Oh yes, I do believe you have just the qualities I’m looking for.” He took a few steps to the side. “Rest assured,” he added. “I would not ask you to do anything that will hurt a decent man’s sensibilities!”

Sulley reminded himself he was doing this for Boo’s peace of mind. “What kind of contest do you have in mind?”

Scar kept walking in a slow circle around him. “A light sparring session, a civil thing between gentlemen. Shall we say: the first one whose back is on the ground loses?”

That did not sound good. “You know, we don’t need to fight over this. I could just help you with your problem in exchange for you saying a few kind words to Boo,” he said. Although he wondered if that would be a good idea after all. In all honesty, Scar was beginning to frighten him too.

“Oh, I’m rather afraid not,” came the answer from somewhere behind Sulley’s right shoulder. He tried to keep Scar in sight without turning his body. He had been a professional scarer after all and he knew better than to show fear.

“I very much doubt there would be time for both matters,” Scar continued. “I am extremely occupied with my kingdom, you see.”

There was no way out of this one. “Yes, I see,” Sulley sighed. “Well, if that’s how it is, I accept your challenge.”

The sound of his voice had not yet died out when something heavy slammed against the small of his back. Sulley was thrown off balance and fell forward onto one knee. Claws dug sharply into his skin for a moment before the weight disappeared. Disoriented, he looked up just in time to see Scar pivot on his front paws and jump at him again. He clumsily threw an arm in front of his face, but Scar simply landed on it, pressing it against his chest. Sulley’s shoulder twanged in discomfort as four hundred pounds of lion pinned him to the ground. Scar’s eyes were wild and his face only inches from Sulley’s own.

Scar stiffened and drew back slightly, wrinkling his nose. “Ah. My victory, I believe.”

Sulley swallowed. Had Scar just tried to eat him? “Yes. Yes I believe so.”

He wasn’t even sorry to have lost. Boo had shown good instincts for danger before she was old enough to speak, so why had Sulley not just trusted her about this guy?

Scar stepped back from him, clearly uncomfortable. “Yes, well. Pity about the child. I’m afraid she will have to be content with your word.”

What he was going to tell Boo, Sulley had no idea. “So it would seem.” He really wanted to get out of here quickly, but he had better keep his word. “What problem did you want my help with, then?”

Scar was quiet for a disturbing length of time. Sulley was about to repeat himself when he finally spoke.

“There is an old fool who is being a great nuisance around here,” Scar spat. “If you could persuade him to stay in his tree and mind his own business. Then kindly return to yours.”

Sulley gulped. He would actually be quite happy to convince the old man to stay away from Scar. “Gladly, uh, sire. Where can I find him?”

Scar rolled his eyes. “Shenzi!” he called.

A smaller, grey creature appeared at the cave entrance. “Y-yes, Scar?” Her voice shook slightly.

“Show this person the way to Rafiki’s tree.”

Shenzi froze in shock when she saw Sulley. “NOW!” roared Scar.

Sulley sighed and walked out into the sun, flanked by a very reluctant Shenzi. Oh, what was he going to tell Boo?