First Blurb

Got the first blurb for The Thousand Names from my editor today, from S.M. Stirling:

“Wexler has produced something unusual in the fantasy line, with a setting reminiscent of the early Victorian period, out on the bleeding edge of Empire, a world of dust and bayonets and muskets… and magic.  The characters are fascinating and -all- of them have secrets.  The heroes range from the noble to the distinctly ambiguous…I read it at a gulp and look forward to more.”

– S.M. Stirling, New York Times bestselling author of LORD OF MOUNTAINS

Particularly exciting for me since some of his books (especially his early series with David Drake, The General) were part of the inspiration for Shadow Campaigns in the first place.

2 thoughts on “First Blurb

  1. You stole several writing days from me, you fiend! 8-).

  2. Django Wexler says:

    If we’re keeping score of “days stolen” I think you’re still way ahead. Not that I’m complaining! =)

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