Signed Copies

If you’re looking for a signed copy of The Thousand Names, I signed a bunch over at Third Place Books. They’ll happily ship you one! You can put in the comment field that you’re looking for a signed copy. (They’re right near my house, so if they run out I can always go and sign more!) If you want a UK cover, or would like your copy personalized, I can still sell you one directly — send me mail via the contact form. (Shipping will be more expensive, though.)

2 thoughts on “Signed Copies

  1. Crystal Ku says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I was going to feel very guilty that I put you through all the hassle of sending me one to Australia, but they don’t post here, so guilt over! Can’t wait to get my copy!

    1. Django Wexler says:

      Yeah, I think overseas is always going to require my personal attention! I don’t mind though, it’s easy enough. Hope it gets there soon!

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