Shadow Throne Released!

Today is release day for The Shadow Throne! I’ve got lots of buying options, and an excerpt if you’re on the fence. The Thousand Names is also available in paperback!

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I’ll add more as we go along!

7 thoughts on “Shadow Throne Released!

  1. Tonya says:

    Really enjoying your books, to the point where I stay up far to late reading them! Looking forward to the next one in The Shadow Campaigns, and reading your other works.

    1. Django Wexler says:

      Thanks! I hope you have as good a time with it!

  2. Alan says:

    Have really enjoyed both books so far and very much looking forward to what ever follows. Very much enjoying the way that you twist Napoleonic influences with last century colonialism, sounds very much like the Grand Alliance is forming in the next one. Hopefully it will be ready for my next trip to Afghan. Many thanks.

    1. Django Wexler says:

      So glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Steve says:

    I’ve enjoyed the Shadow Campaigns series. When do you plan to release the 3rd novel and what will it be called please ?



    1. Django Wexler says:

      Thanks! It doesn’t have a title I can talk about yet, but if all goes well it will be released in July 2015.

  4. Johanssen Chan says:

    Hi, thank you for your captivating stories. I have devoured the first book and now am finishing the second. Just to say that I am enthralled by your characters, particularly Winter. Your writing style feels (in my humble opinion) so immersive that I searching your website and am writing this comment to tell you that I am (while still reading the second book) raging against the fact that the Infernivore did not devour either Danton’s or the black priest’s demons. And that Winter did not manifest the powers of the first demon that the Infernivore devoured. *Drool…

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