Shadow Campaigns ages

Someone asked how old the characters in Shadow Campaigns are, which I think I can answer without being spoilery! The Thousand Names starts in 1208 YHG, so at that point (plus or minus a few months, I don’t have everyone’s birthdays) we’ve got:

  • Marcus d’Ivoire – 35, b. 1173. He fights in the War of the Princes (1198-1202) as a lieutenant, then returns to the War College for more training to become a captain.
  • Winter Ihernglass – 22, b. 1186. She runs away from the Prison in 1205 but takes some time to get to Khandar.
  • Janus bet Vhalnich – Unknown, but probably late twenties.
  • Raesinia Orboan – 19, b. 1189. Her “death” occurs in 1204, so she looks closer to 15-16.
  • Bobby Forester – 17, b. 1191.
  • Feor – Unknown, probably 18-20.
  • Jane Verity – 23, b. 1185.
  • Sothe – Unknown. Definitely thirties, probably older than Marcus.

I’m working from my notes here, so if I contradicted the books they’re probably right and I changed something later.

Hope that helps! If you have further questions drop me an email or Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Shadow Campaigns ages

  1. Marie says:

    Thank you Django! You have resolved hours of tumblr theorizing with this…

  2. Michał says:

    I’m surprised especially of age Marcus and Janus (and some point also Sothe). I don’t know why but in description from books they looks elderly than you post.

  3. Andrew says:

    Interesting; I am surprised by the age of Janus!

    I had always thought he was at least in his early forties.

  4. Michael C says:

    Just devoured this series in the past month or two. I am surprised at Janus’ age as well cause I always thought he was much older then Marcus. Maybe 40’s. Though I suppose alot depends on life expectancy as well. Overall this has truly been an amazing series. I can’t wait for more.

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