What Are You Doing Next Year, Django?

One difficulty in the writing business is I often am aware of new things way before they get announced.  It can be frustrating!  Now, however, next year at least is mostly locked down, so it’s time for an update.

First, the obvious.  The Fall of the Readers, the fourth book in The Forbidden Library series, will be released on December 5th.  The Infernal Battalion, the fifth book in The Shadow Campaigns series, will be released January 9th.  (Both are up for pre-order!)  These are both the final books in their respective series, which I must say is a little weird for me!  Wrapping everything up has been fun, though, and I hope everyone likes the conclusions.

(Also, in case you missed it, the price of The Guns of Empire ebook is down to $7.99, so it’s a great time to pick that up!)

Obviously, that leaves me in need of new things to do, which I’ve been working to set up for the past year.  Now I can tell everyone!  First up is a YA trilogy with Tor Teen, tentatively titled Deepwalker.  (That will almost certainly change.  My titles always seem to change.)  From Publishers Weekly: “The publisher said the series … is an epic fantasy about a teenage girl trained in ‘the art of combat magic’ who is ‘blackmailed into stealing a legendary ghost ship.'”  I am writing this now, and it’s a blast.  I can’t wait to share it with everyone.  The first book should be out early in 2019.

Second, as of today I can talk about my new epic fantasy trilogy with Orbit Books.  No title yet, for similar reasons.  From the Orbit post: “Gyre and his sister Fiera were torn from each other when they were children. Twelve years later, they will meet again as enemies. Trained in the ways of the Order, Fiera believes the only way to keep the world safe is to eliminate all traces of the forbidden blood magic that almost destroyed civilization many centuries ago. But Gyre, a mercenary on the lawless frontier, seeks out the lost arts to break free of the Order’s domination and release mankind from the dead hand of the past.  As the tensions across the country rise, not even the ties of blood will keep these two siblings from splitting the world apart.”  This is next on my plate to write, and I’m super excited to get to it.  It should come out a bit later in 2019.

For now, these are US deals only.  UK stuff, hopefully, is in the works!  

Other projects may also be on the horizon, but that’s all I can talk about for now.  I hope everyone is looking forward to them, I know I am!



3 thoughts on “What Are You Doing Next Year, Django?

  1. Lama says:

    This is great! I’m waiting eagerly for the end of both your series, and I’m sure your next ones will be great too! =)

  2. John Paul Murray says:

    Just finished the Infernal Battalion and had to scurry to the internet to see what is next. Loved the series. Bittersweet to turn the last page. Thanks for this post and sharing your gifts!

    1. Django Wexler says:

      Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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