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The “Help Django Clean Out His Garage” Sale!

So here’s the deal: there’s a lot of books in my garage. Most of them are stock I acquired for selling at cons and other assorted stuff. I would like to get rid of them! So, in celebration of the release of The Infernal Battalion, I thought I would dust everything off, count it up, and see who wanted it.

I have a few sweeteners to throw in, as well:

  • For starters, I’m going to charge a flat $7 for shipping every order, in the interests of not driving myself insane. (This means big orders are cheaper — get together with your friends!)
  • EDIT: I should have specified this initially, apologies, but I can only offer flat shipping to the mainland US.  I will happily ship internationally and charge whatever it costs me; be aware, if you’re in Europe, this can be a lot.
  • I will add a Shadow Campaigns and Forbidden Library bookmark to every order.
  • I will sign and inscribe your books however you want me to!
  • T-Shirts! I have a very limited number of these, left over from convention promotions. Until they’re gone, every order of at least $20 of books, I will throw one in. Specify shirt and size in your order, looking at the table below to see what I’ve got. They are black, with a BW book cover on the front and the title and year of the book on the back.


Pricing and descriptions of the books are as follows:

  • MMPB: Mass Market Paperback: the standard US “small” paperback. $10.
  • TPB: Trade Paperback: a larger paperback, similar in size to a hardcover. UK versions have UK covers. $15.
  • HC: Hardcover. $20.



  • Books are mostly in good condition, occasional squashing or slight bending caused by being in a box for five years.
  • No idea if they’re first editions or not.
  • First come, first serve! I’ll update this post with running totals, but I’m not at it 24/7, so it’s possible what you want may be sold. I’ll go in order I get the mails!


To Order: Send an email to garagesale@djangowexler.com with what you want. I’ll send you a total via PayPal. Make sure to include: your PayPal email, format of books, size/type of T-shirt, and anything you want me to write in it. (Please don’t ask ME to pick what to write, I’m terrible at picking!)

Okay, on to the books! Here’s what I’ve got (US editions unless otherwise indicated):

Title Format Count
The Thousand Names    
  MMPB 0
  UK TPB 0
  Italian TPB 1
The Shadow Throne    
  HC 3
  MMPB 7
  UK TPB 6
The Price of Valor    
  MMPB 12
  UK TPB 23
The Guns of Empire    
  HC 0
  UK TPB 10
  Polish TPB 1
The Forbidden Library    
  HC 3
  TPB 2
(*Unique art! Not reprinted!) UK HC 5
  Taiwan TPB 3
The Mad Apprentice    
  TPB 11
  UK TPB 1
Palace of Glass    
  UK TPB 3
The Fall of the Readers    
  HC 3

And, here’s what I have for shirts:

Title XS S L XL
The Guns of Empire 0 0 2 1
The Price of Valor 0 0 3 3
The Infernal Battalion 1 0 0 2