Annual Award Begging Post, 2015 Edition

It’s that time of year again, when we authors push our collections to the center of the table and cough, meaningfully, until people take the hint. So here’s what I’ve got!

tl;dr — Two short pieces in particular, “The Shadow of Elysium” and “The End of the War”, I would love to see nominated in the “Novelette” category. You can get “The Shadow of Elysium” on Amazon or audible. “End of the War” is available as a free PDF, or free as a podcast.

(You can see what I’m up to next year in my 2016 preview post.)

Novel-wise, there’s The Price of Valor and The Mad Apprentice, released in July and April respectively. Later books in series are tough to get on awards ballots, but if you enjoyed them and wanted to nominate, I wouldn’t dissuade you!

I’ve had a pretty productive year in terms of short fiction. Here’s a quick summary:

  • “The First Kill”, in Blackguards, from Ragnarok Publications. Also available as an audio short! A Shadow Campaigns story about the first meeting between Sothe and Andreas. (6,500 words)
  • “The Guns of the Wastes”, in Operation Arcana, from Baen Books. Also available in audio as a free podcast! A new recruit reports for duty aboard an enormous land-ship battling hordes of steampunk spiders. (7,500 words)
  • “REAL”, in Press Start to Play, from Vintage. The creator of an Augmented Reality Game gets more than he bargained for. (5,700 words)
  • The Shadow of Elysium“, from Penguin. Also available as an audio short! A Shadow Campaigns novella about a young man who learns he harbors a forbidden power. Continues the story from “The Penitent Damned”. (15,400 words)
  • “The End of the War”, in Asimov’s Science Fiction, June ’15. A finalist for the Asimov’s Readers’ Awardsread online for free! Also available in audio as a free podcast! Lonely soldiers chat in the depths of space while directing robot armies against each other. (11,000 words)
  • “Magic Beans”, in Coffee, Hot from Circlet Press. Late-night guests at a coffee shop discover their new coffee-maker is a sex-powered inter-dimensional warp drive. (15,600 words)

So what can you nominate me for? I’ll keep a running tally here, updating this post as things change.

  • Hugo Awards! If you’re a member of the 2015, 2016, or 2017 WorldCons, you can nominate for the Hugo awards. As for the Nebulas, the last three stories on my list all count as “novelette”. Nominations close March 31st.

3 thoughts on “Annual Award Begging Post, 2015 Edition

  1. Steve farr says:

    Just finished price of valour it was a wonderful read with a strong fast paced story great characters who grow and provide plenty of entertainment and thought provoking situations thanks for a great read can’t wait for book 4

    1. Django Wexler says:

      Thanks so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

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