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The Promised Land RELOADED Series

In The Promised Land RELOADED, I play as the Ethiopian Jews of Semien in Crusader Kings II, attempting to build the Third Temple, recreate the Kingdom of Israel, and stay out of the clutches of my doctors. 

Part One: In which the Petty Kingdom of Semien becomes part of Abyssinia.

(769 AD – 779 AD)




Part Two: In which I get a visit from Death herself and acquire a few more counties.

(779 AD – 801 AD)




Part Three: In which Semien regains its independence, and I fail to achieve immortality.

(801 AD – 915 AD)




Part Four: In which I expand, fight rebellions, and fall into the hands of doctors.

(915 AD – 940 AD)




Part Five: In which my daughter is the spawn of Satan, and the Arabian Empire collapses and I reap the profits.

(940 AD – 974 AD)




Part Six: In which my borders reach the Mediterranean, I surmount a succession crisis, and face a jihad.

(974 AD – 1017 AD)




Part Seven: In which I survive further jihads and an attack by the Byzantine Empire, take Jerusalem, and go mad.

(1017 AD – 1063 AD)




Part Eight: In which I defeat my first Crusade, build the Third Temple, and create the Empire of Israel.

(1063 AD – 1095 AD)




Part Nine: In which I wage holy war, survive the Black Death, and eat people.

(1095 AD – 1123 AD)




Part Ten: In which the I wage even more holy wars but the Jews fail to take over India.

(1123 AD – 1155 AD)




Part Eleven: In which I survive a difficult regency and unite the Arabian Peninsula.

(1155 AD – 1205 AD)




Part Twelve: In which I fight the Byzantines while the Mongols approach.

(1205 AD – 1236 AD)





Part Thirteen: In which the Mongols turn out not to be that big of a deal, and I take Constantinople.

(1236 AD – 1286 AD)




Part Fourteen: In which I continue to battle the Byzantines, and my vassals take Norway.

(1286 AD – 1344 AD)




Part Fifteen: In which owning Norway turns out to be kind of a pain.

(1344 AD – 1380 AD)





Part Sixteen: In which I take Rome, a chunk of India, and the Middle Ages comes to a close.

(1380 AD – 1453 AD)