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The How Do I Vike Series

In How Do I Vike, I play as Norse pagans in Crusader Kings II, attempting to unite Scandinavia under my banner and spread the worship of Odin and Thor!

Part One: In which I don’t actually become a Viking.

(769 AD – 783 AD)





Part Two: In which I deal with succession issues, get conquered by Denmark, and start learning to set things on fire.

(783 AD – 815 AD)




Part Three: In which I free myself from Danish rule, create the Kingdom of Lapland, become a Viking for real, and have an immortal dog who eats people.

(815 AD – 857 AD)




Part Four: In which I pledge myself to dark powers and devour my own children.

(857 AD – 882 AD)




Part Five: In which I reform the Germanic religion and adopt feudalism.

(882 AD – 905 AD)





Part Six: In which the kingdom threatens to break apart.

(905 AD – 936 AD)





Part Seven: In which I harass Robin Hood and deal with seniority succession.

(936 AD – 969 AD)





Part Eight: In which I have another mad queen and inch closer to my dream of empire.

(969 AD – 1006 AD)




Part Nine: In which I establish ultimogeniture succession, create the Empire of Scandinavia, and name my horse chancellor.

(1006 AD – 1042 AD)




Part Ten: In which the invasion of England begins.

(1042 AD – 1083 AD)





Part Eleven: In which I inherit Austrasia, complete the conquest of England, and survive the Black Death.

(1083 AD – 1122 AD)




Part Twelve: In which I add Scotland to the bag, fight off a Crusade, and sleep with my horse.

(1122 AD – 1162 AD)





Part Thirteen: In which I complete the conquest of the British Isles and win a Great Holy War for France.

(1162 AD – 1199 AD)




Part Fourteen: In which Germany and more of France fall before the Scandinavian juggernaut.

(1199 AD – 1233 AD)




Part Fifteen: In which I break the power of the Mongols and take Italy.

(1233 AD – 1280 AD)





Part Sixteen: In which I declare victory.

(1280 AD – 1307 AD)